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Invite us to join your journey to define vision, refine it, and move towards reality. We start where you are, explore realistic potential, and work with you and your leadership to develop a practical yet compelling plan to connect present reality to future potential. Contact us about a VisionCast Event for your church or organization.

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VisionCAST Workshop


We are all about effective stewardship of resources. Our expertise involves helping the church to assess potential and achieve it. Check it out. 

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Our Experience and our Client Experience sets us Apart

Beginning over thirty years ago as a principal at Cornerstone Architects, transitioning to more than 25 years as a Lead Architectural Navigator with LifeWay Christian Resources and Visioneering Studios, and now as Lead Navigator at Cornerstone Collaborative, Steve Newton understands church planning, finance, decision processes, various styles and methodologies, and the ways that facilities impact ministry, both positively AND negatively. He has led conferences for church leaders and architects across the country and wrote Baptist Church Facilities: The Architect's Guide in addition to numerous articles in church leadership publications.  Because of his commitment to help churches maximize the positive and minimize the negative, he has transitioned away from the day to day practice of architecture to devote his attention to the ministry of Cornerstone Collaborative.

A former Director of the Middle Tennessee AIA Chapter and President of the Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity, Steve is involved with local missions and has 

participated in over a dozen short term international mission stints. He recently served in the role of Volunteer Coordinator for the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board's Volunteer Relief Efforts in the island nation of Dominica as they recover from Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Steve teams with longtime friend and colleague Gary Nicholson, former Studio Director at LifeWay Architecture and Visioneering Studios@Lifeway. Author of Building Momentum: Leading Your Church to Plan and Build Effective Facilities for Ministry, a licensed minister and architect,  Gary brings much wisdom to the team and to our church clients. Together Gary and Steve have served thousands of churches from coast to coast and beyond for more than three decades.  

A more recent addition to the team is Steve's son Logan Newton, an associate principle with architectural firm HMK  Architects, PLLC of Brentwood TN.  The firm is certified nationally and in more than 40 individual states and is available, where appropriate and at the church's request, to step in and provide architectural services following a VisionCAST Workshop. Logan serves as a director for Cornerstone Collaborative and is an active lay leader in his local church.  He brings a new generation of expertise and vision to the services of the organization.


Cornerstone Collaborative is a non-profit 501c3 entity

which helps church leaders make the most of the opportunity to engage the congregation in a compelling vision for the future and take steps to maximize stewardship, engage appropriate professional help, and provide or adapt  facilities that effectively support ministry in today's changing culture.


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